APRES is a group of industry and academic partners committed to embedding the responsible and ethical sourcing of materials, products and services into the construction industry. Its activities include hosting a major annual conference and producing guidance on responsible sourcing for the construction industry.

APRES acts as a centre for:

knowledge – sharing knowledge and disseminating responsible sourcing practices,

networking – offering opportunities to meet wide ranging industry and customer groups,

research – forging new research ideas and relationships,

guidance – providing guidance directly to the industry.

The membership is made up of clients, contractors, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and industry organisations.


The management team

The APRES management team includes:

Jacqui Glass, Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Construction at Loughborough University and Head of the APRES Programme.

Shamir Ghumra, Head of Responsible Sourcing at BRE.

Helen Ball, Product Manager, Certification and Testing at BRE.

Jacqui Glass
Shamir Ghumra
Helen Ball
Helen Ball






APRES origin and aims

APRES was established in 2011 by Loughborough University, with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and extensive support from industry partners. In 2016 the management of APRES was transferred to building science centre, BRE.

APRES was created to help construction industry members address growing concerns amongst customers and the wider society about environmental impacts, labour and welfare conditions, and corruption in global supply chains. Adopting responsible sourcing practices gives assurance to customers, enhances the reputations of suppliers and end-users, and counts towards environmental assessment schemes such as BREEAM and CEEQUAL.

However, there is still much to do to ensure that the availability of responsibly and ethically sourced materials, products and services, and the use of responsible sourcing best practices, becomes universal throughout the industry.

To help achieve this APRES has a number of specific objectives to:

  1. explore the challenges of responsible sourcing in order to deliver a coordinated action programme
  2. maintain an enthusiastic membership that is well known as a focus of responsible sourcing best practice
  3. identify the industry’s skills and knowledge needs through workshops on context, market, and technology challenges
  4. define academic research and development directions and improve the quality of research interaction between academics and industry
  5. identify and disseminate outcomes and best practice to the industry and others, via the website, email and themed events
  6. provide an open and impartial discussion forum for the construction industry and its customers, academics, government, professional bodies, trade associations and standard-setting bodies – anyone with an interest in RS will be encouraged to participate.