6th APRES Annual Conference announced

The 6th APRES Annual Conference on ‘Responsible and ethical sourcing – a professional approach for materials, products and people’, will be held on 29 November at 11 Cavendish Square in London.

Aimed primarily at clients, developers, architects, construction, sustainability and procurement professionals, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, the 6th APRES conference will provide a strategic overview of responsible and ethical resourcing, details of the latest tools and guidelines, and insights into the latest research. This highly interactive conference will seek to gain practical insights from delegates into the opportunities and barriers for increased responsible and ethical sourcing.

Since the inception of APRES in 2011, there has been a significantly increased awareness of the importance of responsible and ethical sourcing in minimising the impacts that the construction industry supply chain has on resources, the environment and people around the world.

Clients and stakeholders increasingly expect the ethical and transparent sourcing of products and labour for construction projects, while the UK government has sought to strengthen policy, regulation and guidelines through policy instruments such as the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Industry therefore has more awareness, codes of practice and tools than ever before; but how can we best improve the implementation of responsible and ethical sourcing consistently across all professions and what are the gaps in both policy and research needed to embed it into the mainstream? These are the questions being addressed by APRES, through initiatives such as the APRES Annual Conferences.

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New Standard will help the construction sector to address modern slavery in supply chains

The latest report from the Global Slavery Index reveals that modern slavery now affects 48 million people worldwide.

‘While the report cites the number of people affected in the UK at a relatively low 13,000, this figure doesn’t reflect the complex supply chains of most sectors, none more so than the construction sector,’ says BRE’s Head of Responsible Sourcing Shamir Ghumra. ‘It up to all of us to take positive action against the evils of modern slavery.’

The recently launched Ethical Labour Standard has been developed by BRE to provide organisations with a framework to verify their systems and processes in relation to the Modern Slavery Act and continuously improve their ethical labour sourcing practices.

‘We have 120+ organisations helping us to shape the standard and trial its use,’ says Ghumra. ‘This is a testament to the willingness of our industry to do the right thing – these are organisations with complex international supply chains so the ability they have to affect real change on a global scale is significant.’

A video presented at the launch of the Ethical Labour standard can be viewed here.

For further information please contact shamir.ghumra@bre.co.uk