Welcome to APRES

This is the website for APRES, the Action Programme for Responsible Sourcing, based at the School of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough University, and lead by Professor Jacqueline Glass. APRES is a group of industry and academic partners committed to embedding responsible sourcing in the construction industry. It is open to new Associate Members from all relevant organisations.

An action programme for responsible sourcing
The construction materials industry is being subjected to growing stakeholder expectations about the accountability, transparency and legitimacy of its operations.

There is no one single definition for responsible sourcing of construction products, but it refers to the management of sustainability issues associated with materials in the construction supply-chain, often from an ethical perspective.

The overarching aim of APRES is to develop an action programme in response to the challenges of delivering responsible sourcing in the UK construction industry. To achieve this, the network will act as a new community ‘centre’ for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of responsible sourcing practices, forging new research ideas and relationships and providing guidance direct to the industry.

This website contains details of the project, upcoming events and related research, plus details of how to get in touch and become involved for free as an Associate Member.

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