Responsible sourcing – product spreadsheet

Download the current list of products that have been certificated as being responsibly sourced, courtesy of Steve Cook at Willmott Dixon. Check back regularly for updated version.

16.01.25 – UK List of RS products and GiB

Ethical sourcing

 AESOP – An Ethical and Social Responsibility Portfolio

With a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council APRES has developed an industry-academia joint venture called AESOP, which stands for An Ethical and Social responsibility Portfolio for construction professionals.

AESOP broadens the focus of responsible sourcing to include people and labour-related issues, including employment and payment practices in the UK and overseas. An article on stamping out slavery here illustrates the sort of issues being addressed.

The AESOP programme runs a series of events and conferences, in addition to publishing the UK Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction and an Ethical Design Guide, aimed at contractors, specifiers and designers – see details on both below.

UK Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction

The UK Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction, created in an industry application of a “hackathon”, was published in 2015.

The manifesto broadens the industry’s area of accountability beyond responsible sourcing and procurement, which deals mainly with environmental and sustainability issues, into the fair and ethical treatment of labour and sub-contractors. Its 35 co-authors include clients, contractors, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and industry organisations.

Derived from the world of Silicon Valley software development, the “hackathon” model was adapted by APRES for this purpose (an article, ‘Industry urged to build ethically’, gives more details). The manifesto marks the start of a long-term campaign to align industry values with those of corporates and activist communities worldwide.

Download the Manifesto for Ethical Sourcing in Construction

Ethical Sourcing: A Designer’s Guide

The guide offers a broad community of practitioners from architectural and engineering disciplines, the opportunity to appreciate the wide-ranging challenges and possible trade-offs with ethical sourcing. The Guide does not seek to provide a utopian answer to the pitfalls of supply chain risks, but rather to present the very real challenges in a more accessible manner in order to inform and steer design choices and specifications.

Ethical Design Guide Version 2 Final


Articles and videos


  • Glass, J. Guest blog: The only way is ethics, UK Green Building Council, November 2014. Available here
  • Glass, J. Opening our eyes to supply chain ethics, Construction Manager, February 2015. Available here
  • Glass, J. The role of responsible sourcing in the sustainable construction agenda Evolution – the magazine from CIRIA, Summer 2015, p.18-21. Available here
  • The role of the professions in responsible and ethical sourcing – Article by Shamir Gupta, BRE available on the Building4Change website


Do you know where your materials come from?

Shamir Ghumra, now Head of Responsible Sourcing at BRE, presents a case study of responsible sourcing in the construction industry in his former role as Head of Sustainability at Aggregate Industries.


Richard Howells, Market Development Manager at Celsa Steel UK, presents a case study of responsible materials sourcing in the construction industry.


Professor Jacqueline Glass, who heads up the APRES programme, talks about responsible sourcing, in her 2013 Inaugural Lecture at Loughborough University.

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